miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

* I found a way

It's me, it's me, you've come to take
My duality awakes
By midnight time I could not see
If I were you or you were me

We play the game with skillful hands
And so I asked for your demands
Give me your love, give me your thumb
And you traced us back to where we'd begun

So the morning came
And swept the night away
As I was looking for
A way to disappear
Amongst the quiet things
And all these empty streets
I found a way, I found a way
To reappear

I'll follow you
Where you go
Yes, I'll be there
Just so you know
I need your condolence
And your trust
But I won't ask,
Won't ask for much

There's a heavy load upon our backs
Of things we carry from the past
My guilt-filled mind, it tried to run
But you traced us back to where we'd begun

I'll only ask for so much
No, I won't ask, won't ask for much

So the morning came
Swept the night away
I found a way
I found a way
To reappear

I Found A Way - First Aid Kit.-

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